yet another late night blend

couldnt sleep tonight… and i was in some kind of extrude/loopcut mood, so i made that strange thingy.
[shaded + toony version]

argh i’m tired… gotta sleep now! oh uhm… wait, it’s morning… DANG!
/me throws .blend away and runs

nice! :smiley:

:Z :Z :Z :Z

Lol. Fun, fun, fun. I quite like it. Bravo.

Man i hate how ytou make it sound so simple :< But great work for an overnight blend.

Is it using the infamous “toondy” ™ shader? :stuck_out_tongue:
great model and shaders.

cool it’s shape reminds me of a suzuki katana. weird shader!

it’s a nice start for a quick bike,
please finish it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey cool bike. Looks like a great start so far.

its a light cycle! nice work!

Very nice design @ndy!
Yes, I know that mood :slight_smile:


hehe, I usually don’t last the entire night :slight_smile:

The model very nice, I would like to see some handles and a scene, I think this could become something more :smiley:

Looks great.


The handles are already there.

They are?! :o

Oh damn, didn’t realise those were handles :expressionless:


Good work, especially for an overnight blend. It would probably take me days to get there.

@ndy truly awesome for an insomniac render. The bike looks better shaded rather than toon in my opinion but the modelling/concept is too cool!

  • emk

I wish I could model like that :o