yet another MAKEHUMAN character test: test subject.

heres another MH creation of mine.

A close up of the head.

She would probably look less intimidating if you narrow the eyes a bit. On real people usually the eyelids touch the edges of the iris.

Also, the eyebrows look like they were painted on, not like they’re made of hairs.

That’s an older picture (yes someone pointed that out to me on another forum I posted the picture on. I did the amends by Increasing the size of the eyeballs. So here’s the update.

EDIT: as for the eyebrows, I tried as much as I could to figure out why it wasn’t showing them correctly (they only turn up when AO or a hemi lamp is on).

A while ago I tried to do hair dynamics on my pretty Alice Cobalt.
Unfortunately the video didnt render out properly cause I tried a renderfarming method :rolleyes:
So here are some screenshots.
There you go. I think this is probably my most favorite charater for now (t…c…u…e!!..).
(ironically, I’m listening to “Alice’s Theme” by Danny elfman.
And my character is named Alice [no that wasn’t intended]).

Okay. Did some compositing as a test for a small short idea I’m coming up with for this character.
(cute ain’t she?)