yet another P90 gun

this was rejected by the client. im so sad.


close up on the magazine


rejected? why? I’m not a weapon expert but that model looks fine.
Anyway, if it won’t be used, Have you think about sharing it in

Why the **** would he reject that… And since you posted it in the WIP section - what are your plans for it?

hey ryanea.that is a nice model.can i have that. i wont reject it. i promise

GoodNews!! this just in my client had just emailed me and guess he has a client, and very interested on Ps90 but he wants it to be a FN P90 model… Tough luck you Aasm271 you… you can’t have it!! it’smine i tell you mine!! bwhahaha it’s aliiiiiive!! :rolleyes:hehehehe Well i guess my plan is to continue posting this Ps 90 model and see how it goes…

hey ryanea81.i know where you live and i have a russian VSS sniper rifle but it has no scope yet i gueess ill have to beat you with it hehe.good job on that P90



you are Good Aasm271!! you’re so good, you even get my lighting setup and render settings , i wonder?

we are the reject team.haha