Yet another raytracing test for WIP

I made this newspaper vending machine yesterday as part of an animation, and I couldn’t resist rendering it with the new raytracing features. Enjoy!

The news machine looked lonely, there on the cold, cold brick… so I gave it a friend.

Obviously these will not be in such a boring environment later.

That looks kinda rad. I like that you are taking the very stark colors and added the ray trace.

The only thing I see now is the pic of the Apartments Guide doesn’t fit, IMO. It’s not clean like the rest of the image due to the many color values.

I cant wait to see more.

For me the great thing about the new raytracing features is how easy they are to use, especially for animation. These objects are destined for a street scene at night with store fronts and cars driving by. The rayraced reflections mean I won’t have to manually adjust the 27 envmap empties. Hooray! Adjusting all of the empties used for reflection envmaps while a camera moves through a scene can require medication…

Good point! I’ll play with ways to tone that down, but it may have to wait until more of the scene is complete to really get an idea of the proper color balance.


I’m having fun. Blender is addictive…

I like the work you’ve done on this. The models and textures are well done.
I’d like to see a render with radiosity, so the areas in shadow are not as dark.

Keep having fun-

Thanks! I’m pretty happy with it. I love the illustration possibilities that Blender offers.

I’ve got to move on to the other modeling for the scene, there’s a lot more to do. Unfortunately radiosity won’t do well with the moving lights in the scene…

… but I’ve posted the blend and the textures in a zip file that anyone is welcome to play with. I’d love to see how others would change things, tweak it, use radiosity, and…

The new raytracing reflections sure help, they’re so simple to use. Thanks to Ton and all of the coders!

sweet! i really like the models, although idlike to see a wire and a non toon render… whats the animation about?

I posted a “fixed” .blend that includes the entire scene. Sorry about that, I have too many Blender files around and I just included the wrong one in the zip!



The “heavy” lines in the wireframes (as seen in the Apartment Guide box) are because subsurf is on for rendering. The actual modeled geometry is less complicated. Check out the .blend -

The animation is based on an unpublished novel I wrote a few years back, a vigilante story about the bogus words in our language: justice, fairness, sharing, etc. -

Before I re-discovered Blender I thought I was going to have to animate by hand to get the visual feel I wanted. Blender’s outline abilities and layering for cel assembly in post have made the project more realistic. Other 3D software just couldn’t give me the look I was going for without too much additional work.

The render looks OK without the outlines, but since I was modeling and texturing knowing I would use outlines I created a more “flat” illustrated look with the materials. I’d love to see how other people re-interpret the scene, models, and materials!

Very nice, the shading looks really good, can’t wait to see it in a non-boring surroundings :oP

But anyways, i really like the shading.

nice! now raytrace it!

Toony thing :wink:

Nicely done! 8)

Now give it some friends and give it raytracing :smiley:


Thank you, thank you very much (as Elvis would say). The friends are coming, I’ve been working on them all day - but it’ll take a few days before the rest of the still elements in the scene are complete.

The images here (besides wireframe) are raytraced. Not to be a smartass, but isn’t that in the title of the thread? These images are the raytraced testing of the model being developed. Not all raytraced images have to be of Suzanne and on black-white tiles with a gazillion reflections everywhere! Maybe I’m a minority, but I like things more simple…

Here’s another scene, just a test. This scene is far from done. This one has NO raytracing… I tried the new raytracing tools on it and after 2 hours it wasn’t even half finished - that won’t work for this animation, at least not until I have a rendering farm. This particular scene will have to be rendered with the old engine only, that only take 7 minutes compared to an estimated 4 hours per frame.

This is preliminary, not a finished work. There are going to be people, toys, etc. - right now only the waves are animated. This image doesn’t show the animated “wave breakers” I’ve developed, but I’ll post another when I get around to working on it more.

Obviously the Make Human pose is recognizable of the female figure on the steps. She was placed into the scene just for testing.

Some of the artifacts seen in this image won’t show up in the finished product. This is rendered at twice the actual resolution that is used for DVD, so when the image is reduced they disappear. A lot of minor issues are easily take care of in post, assuming you have the software. I have commercial software, but CinePaint could be used as well…

I used Make Human as the basis for an excellent character. A lot more had been done since these were posted, but you can get an idea. You can see some facial RVK tests here:

That looks like Virginia Beach!