yet another spaceship

just some fantasy spaceship … its supposed to occur in a game… any ideas where I could add some more “little” detail :)? … otherwise I am going to start on the textures…,,,

greetings, tom

looks really good! Could we see some wires? And I don’t see of any place where you can add more detail unless you want weapons on it. Great work!

Can you say EVE : Caldari : Merlin… but really nice!

there you go (I turned off mirror and subsurfacing modifiers for the wire-shot):

kk… I was thinking the same thing so… I’ll start on the textures then, I guess.

greetings, tom

Your modeling technique is exquisite! Very clean mesh with great flow.

another update I added a colormap… I would be greatful for some feedback whether you think the “style” of the painting fits the design or not :slight_smile:,

greetings, tom

and there we have another update… now with a first dirtmap and colored windows…

greetings, tom

Marvelous! How did you do the green windows?

just a green cloud texture emitting light from a dark backround…

btw: here is another update, with a little bit more structure in the ships hull:

greetings, tom

have you thought about using some ambient occlusion, it will really make all the details pop. Right now everything on the ship looks as if it has exactly the same lighting values. Just a thought.

actually I AM using AO :)… I guess i have to tweak on those parameteres a little bit more… thx for the crit, Beeing “into my work” I don’t have real objectiv view on the picture so this really helps me…

btw: I am now working on a “companion” for that ship :D. Since this is supposed to be a small fleet…

here is version #1:

greetings, tom