Yet Another Super Wu Man

since Super Wu Man ( originally created by sago ) has been becoming a blender icon, I figured I better get in on the action. When I finish, I may pit him against Giant Sago Baby, in a short anim.

lol, good take on the drawing. Don’t foprget the beard though.


Yeah, and don’t forget to ask for my permission… haha, oops.


don’t forget to ask for my permission

hm, i am recalling something along the lines of " super wu mans ass belongs to everyone " *contests forum superchallenge 200 thread. :wink:

( but come to think of it, sago, i don’t think i need to continue this project if you are going to get touchy about it. so maybe i’ll just leave him half finished,…forever suspended in limbo. a shame, but i don’t want to step on anyones toes or steal their thunder or anything. )

No no, please continue. It was meant as a joke, sorry if it came out the wrong way.

it’s true I said the thing about Wu-Man’s ass belonging to everyone, but please don’t forget I invented both name and character. So by all means, use it as you wish, but I hope you can somehow mention me for the appropriate recognition. That’s all I’m asking.

So please carry on.

Love ya,

well, ok, i suppose that’s fair…unfortunately because i thought you might also object to my bastardization of giant sago baby, i’ve made some slight modifications to the original model.
meet, sagor, the mutant baby…Oo

hehe… well, that one ain’t mine, so I can’t touch it.

So carry on… Ron.

hmm that baby looks like sago’s avatar :slight_smile: lmao jk

nice work man keep it coming

I prefer AndyD’s Wu model more than this one, but Sagor? Friggan hilarious, I’m definitely going to be watching this thread.

starting on nurse betty, who is based on the famous blender game.

Mannnn Nurse Betty Is old school. Are you going to make her look as cartoony as she does in the game?

I’m going to try and approximate it to some degree. In the game, she is very anime looking, so small nose, etc., but I think I will try using particle hair intead of tubes. btw, for anyone who is wondering why evrything about this is ripped off, it is a bit of a spoof, like you might see in mad magazine. It’s pretty much for the amusement of the blender community, and I am going to try and fit in some other blender icons, as well, such as the yellow cube with interesting lighting.

added a face, somewhere in cartoonish and realish.

amazing how sago always finds these threads before i do?..haha

ah yes for wu-man is great,
awsome stuff modron, and excellent style variation from the original drawing,

and pay no attention to sago and his jealous rage, he will do anything to stop the fans and groupies from celebrating the worlds greatest super hero

everytime i see him post in one of the many many many wu-man threads i always sing one of my favorite songs

do you think it’d be allright
if i could just crash here tonight

i’m in no shape for driving,
anyway i got no place to go

tomorrow we can drive around this town
and let the cops chase us around

the past is gone,
but somthing might be there to take its place

hey jealousy, hey jealousy
hey jealousy, hey jealousy!!!

keep up the excellent work modron, i would love it even if i wasnt wu-man…

poke poke So Wu, are talking about the wu-man with the large nose, or the “wu-man” with the large… um… well, you know… :wink:

I have to agree with Wu, sad to say… :wink:
Excellent work on these models Modron.

thanks guys, almost finished with nurse betty, just the hair left to do. i figured i’d put that off for awhile, since i haven’t quite decided on how to approach it yet. i will probably try to make particle hair, and if that comes out crappy, due to my ineptitude with hair, i’ll just make some mesh hair. I am glad to be nearly done with betty, she took awhile, and i hate making hands and feet.

so nurse betty is about 90% done, mutant sago baby is 100% done, but wu-man has only a head, dude!, get to work before i cave your face in!

haha, false advertising in the thread title dude, but, i’m only kidding, i dont cry like sago, HA!

all coming along great, do you have an animation idea? or just a still render?

modeling looks great, just my opinon on betty though, i think her neck could be slightly longer, but thats just the way i like my babes:eek:


yeah, sago disrupted my creative process, it’s entirely his fault, just about to get back to finishing wu man though. i have a pretty solid idea of how the animation will go. it involves disco dancing, and possibly a high speed car chase, maybe some catastrophic event like a volcanic eruption too.
(edit)…btw if any master groomers would be so kind as to help me out, view this thread

man, there has to be a highspeed car chase, has to be!

cant wait to see your take of the wu’ster, and cant wait to see the finished product, if you want to post it on my site i can convert .avi animation to flash, it may take some image quality away but everyone will be able to view it (no codec trouble) and it will be a pretty fast download,

cant wait, cant wait,

and if sago gives you anymore trouble tell me, i will destroy that fool, didnt you see he was too afraid to participate in the blender super challange #200 round two, he was like i have thrombosis, what i really think he had is i’m a afraid of wuosis! (be sure to check out my reason for editing this post…)

love the sago mutant baby by the way!

haha, OMG, who’s the crybaby now?

Anyway, can’t help you with the hair. Though I did find some things that could be improved somehow.

Good luck man,