Yet another “Why Doesn't My Shader Displacement Node Work?!?!?” post

Of course I’m missing something basic, but googling around hasn’t found it, sorry:

3.0, reasonably high-density mesh, even higher thanks to sub-d. Displacement Node’s scale should be high enough (probably too high). Rendering gets me this:

Isn’t this setup supposed to get Suzanne a displaced outline? If I wanted this I’d use a Bump Node into the Principled BSDF – isn’t a displaced outline the point of using Displacement instead of Bump? (And I realize that I could use a Displacement Modifier instead, but that won’t coordinate with Shader Editor same-map effects, which is why I’m trying to do this.)

Anyway, how do I get the Displacement Node > Displacement socket of the Material Output Node to actually, y’know, displace?

SuzDispTest003.blend (4.9 MB)

Is this what you are looking for?

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Yes! What did I miss?

This is an Utmost Ordeal every newb must complete and memorize.

Jokes aside. This is stupid and I was as perplexed as you when I encounter this issue for the first time.


And I am ever and always a perpetual Blender Noob – I knew I’d forgotten something simple, thanks oodles!

Aren’t we all…

Glad I could help. And good luck!


same, this option shouldn’t even exist it should be something automatic in the displacement node (as a optional thing then there should be a “bump” checkbox as well of course)

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This setting should be moved from properties panel to displace node, so it’s always visible.

Even now after almost 3,5 years of using blender I’m forgetting where this little fuc**ng checkbox dropdown live. Glad we have properties search, but it’s PITA anyway.


same though…

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