Yet another Z-Pass thread

Hello, I was checking this great tutorial on composition in Cycles by Bartek Skorupa:

…where he mentions storing the split passes into OpenEXR files. When he inputs them back, a “depth” socket shows up, and he briefly shows (see attached image) that it indeed contains a depth pass.

I seem to only be able to obtain a completely white channel in there from my own renders. Am I missing some file output option or whatever?


The depth pass result will depend on the size of your scene. If the z depth value > 1 you will get white. The value is in blender units or metres depending on the units you have set for your scene. In the example above the scene is small enough so that the objects are less than 1m from the camera.

If the scene is large you can connect the depth output to a Normalise node so the output value is between 0 and 1.