Yet another

If anyone’s interested, I made some tweaks to my original female model character, added new hair (card based) and put on some sun glasses, and lastly, tweaked the shader network a bit. The model, textures, props are all derived from Daz Genesis 8.1 assets that I then modified in Blender, and rendered in Blender. The video is real-time EEVEE viewport.

Anyhow, thanks.


Neat, you got it to look great and work in the real-time EEVEE viewport. The character looks quite a bit different. Good music too.

The very end is Material Preview?

The very end is the Lookdev view while it fades out I think…

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I thought so too. “Lookdev” is now called “Material Preview”.

Ah, dang I need to get up to speed

She looks good too in the Solid Mode. But quite different :yum: with those colored sunglasses and that wild hair.

Amazing work !

Could you share your shader node setup please ?

Because I am not able to achieve such a good result with skin shading…

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Fantastic, I love that sulky expression!
Edit: the character is great, the black plastic texture of the glasses gives away a bit.