Yipee: Ton commits Frr's Texture node trees to SVN

One of the features I’ve been most excited about and trying to say why this should be in trunk, now it is.:smiley:

Get ready to see power like you’ve never seen before with procedurals, especially when using the displacement modifier, having much more sophisticated textures, displacements, and other effects you only get when you combine multiple procedurals in a node system.

Build the latest SVN and see the power.

This is great news. Thanks for the update CD!

yes these nodes are brilliant, hopefully normals paint is in the commit as well as normals paint and texture nodes go well together =)

I already have such a build from one of andy circus’s builds unless there has been an update since

Now even more reason to have a decent displacement/micropoly solution :smiley:

If you look in the tests forum in my threads you’ll find examples of terrains using the node trees and how the displacement texture resulting from it can be made in a way where every mountain and valley is unique in height and shape, and how if you put enough nodes together you can achieve a terrain displacement texture similar to Terragen and Vue.

All I need is a way where I can combine and manipulate the normal output using mix, math, and curve nodes so making the normal maps is as powerful as doing the color map.

Too bad I can’t compile anymore! :frowning:

I’m interested to try these out.

Why can’t you compile? Is something broken? Worked fine here on Ubuntu 64 bit

It would seem that way. Ever since the scons version was changed I have been having some bad errors. Every time a get past one, another one is reached. They are mostly related to external libraries.

I know this is going to sound like a silly and obvious question…

…but have you updated your scons to above 1.0.1 ?


I just discovered your woes in the “scons errors” thread - read my reply to you there, I’ve uploaded
my config file - maybe it will work for you as we both have the same Ubuntu

okay I have a question, how does one go about adding more procedural maps to the TEXTURES (correction) node

I’m a MapZone user and I beleive that this is an essential function for such a node editor I just need to know how to do it thanks =)

Has everything in the Materials lists been put into the nodes yet? It’s like splitting the feature set still.

Or in other words for Textures, as well as Materials, can we stop using the menus yet? Or is it still the jump between both?

Also, did Pynodes get committed? If so how does this work along side this?

Still getting around to learn all of the new stuff.