Yoda Stain Glass Design

my brother does some stain glass work, and the other day i noticed he had a very simple looking storm trooper glass design he was going to work on. the design was so simple i thought i would give one a try. and then see if he would make me one to hang in a window in a new home i hope to buy.

the outline was created pretty quick. i found a good photo of yoda online, then outlined the block shapes of the facial features. then traced the outline, then colored it. some of the glass cuts may not be possible but most are. now i just need to convince him to make it, haha!

this is still a very rough image, some of the shapes and colors will proably be changed. but i thought it looked cool, so i thought i would show it!


It looks good and has a good color. Don’t stop.

In stained-glass windows, the metal inlays will be in parts thicker and in parts thinner. The thicker parts serve two purposes: added strength (since the window is not a single, solid piece of glass), and artistic (edges, much like cartoons).

I would add in some thick edges and finish the window out to the edges. Then you’d have a complete work!