Yoda's Hut

I started this in 2006, and have worked on it off and on, but have found a renewed passion for it as I’ve filmed a short scene that will take place here, (and have more time now as well). The design of the Hut is quite accurate to the original set. I created a 360 degree image (inside a cylinder) made up of stitched together footage from the two movies (ESB and RotJ) and modeled according to that. Some of it has been painstaking as I try to match camera angles and make sure the model matches the footage. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn close.

So now I’m trying to move it into the realm of photo realistic. I have a long way to go. Critiques are welcome.

Current Version

First Image I have of the project.

And this is before updating recently for cycles and lots of other updates.

And because someone asked on another forum, here is the full 360 degree stitched image form the movie. Not perfect as camera angles change, but a decent representation that helped me wrap my head around where everything is oriented. For the most part you see the back and left side of the hut in ESB and the front (near the doorway) a little of the fireplace, and the right side in RotJ. It took a lot of watching these scenes to get a good sense of the layout.

Interesting side note: I bought a Star Wars book that showed cutaways of all kinds of different Star Wars things, including many ships, as well as Yoda’s hut. I thought that this would be an invaluable resource for this model, however I quickly found that the diagram/layout depicted by the artist in the book was not accurate to the set in the movie, necessitating all this work.

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Yeah that stuff is usually just an “artists impression” quickly pumped out, to make as much money as they can. I have looked at many star wars books like that and left them all on the shelf.

Good work I am interested to see where this goes.

Just a quick update. Working on some lighting. Unfortunately, as I camera match this model to the footage from Empire Strikes Back, I’m realizing that while an article said that 30mm was the widest lens used on ESB, I found a more in depth article that says that a 20mm lens was also used. As I match geometry to the shot, it appears that it was a 20mm used for a majority of the interior shots in Yoda’s hut. Which means all my geometry is a little extended. So, it means it’s time to reshape a lot of geometry to get it to match the new focal length. Not a lot of fun, but all part of the process.

Hi!! i like it … there’s a cruel lack of droid in there

I’ve been refining, adding details, created a new shader with the Principled PBR shader for the walls of the hut. Also refined the fire (not pictured) for animation and finally came up with good settings for a small campfire. I’m going to be sharing more on that soon.

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Did that last one as a 720p render, and compositing effects on my iPad, and I don’t like the way it looks. Last night I rendered a higher res version with less bump (I think I’ll go with a mix of the two) but anyway, here’s my render from this morning:

I’ve added some details, worked on the materials:


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Dude this is a life dream of mine. I would one day like to have a life sized yoda hut some how. This is great. Ever consider importing this mesh into a mapping project? what you have already is awesome. I’d love to see this in some sort of gaming project or even 3D printed some how. :smiley:

I 3D printed Yoda, and I’m sure I could 3D print this. It would be cool to have his hut to walk around in, for sure!

There’s a scene in the movie you’ll like where we get a very sentimental reintroduction to his hut. :grin:

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Do you think you could import this into Jedi Academy or some other game so that players can walk around in it? Maybe unreal engine? I always wanted to virtually
explore the hut, it would be cool in virtual reality.

I know from experience that it can be a little difficult to get the exterior of the hut to match up to the interior while being faithful to the movie but maybe you can just have some sort of teleportation effect rather than actually map it all as one.

I guaranty you it’s possible with some effort. I don’t have the time nor inclination to do it right now, as we’re working (slowly) on our film, but it should be easy enough with the model and textures. Some elements inside the hut would have to be recreated.