yoHasse - Sketchbook

I’ve finally decided to start this for practice. Adding all my images that don’t deserve to be out there and to keep track of my progress.

Latest image/sketch/work:

Worked on how to make holes in a mesh without messing up the wireframe too much.
Didn’t work so good but got some more experience.

Worked with a Cisco 7965 phone as a model.

Latest image.

Wondered what my next small render/practice should be while I was drinking from a water bottle.
Then it hit me… or my foot.
Here’s what I came up with:

Nothing special, the label is the worst but this is a short project, why I won’t touch it.

Slowly starting to learn how to Sculpt a head. This is harder then it looks like…

Progress image 1

Progress image 2

Latest update on human. Will move on to something new now and take with me everything I’ve learned so far.

Next up. Illustrator & making a some kind of railgun, still in progress.

Well, made the railgun, only texturing left which I won’t do since it’s just practice.
Here’s some angles: