Yoona modelling without scukpt

hello guys… this is my first post
I just started create yoona from SNSD (member of korean girlband), I didn’t know why I choose her for my first human modelling project

here’s wireframe


node for material

Nice work. Your wires are great. My only critique is that’s there is some wasted space in your uv layout. It could use some rearranging, although it might be a little late for that.

thanks bro, yeah it’s too late for rearranging my uv layout, but I will change the uv for the body later

here’s the first render

The first render look really really great! With this texture and these lights the result is already awesome! Great work :smiley:

thanks dude, btw after 1 year learn modelling in blender
this is the first time I use Cycles as renderer engine

cycles is awesome

people out there should try this, AFAIK people underestimate blender cause of newbies post their project with low quality of render.

I hope this project become front Art :LOL

added hair particle ( this is the hardest part )
added necklace

please somebody give me some critique and help me finish this

Your modeling lookg good, nice expression in the face. The muscle under the chin looks odd, but the rest is good.

I can’t help you fix it, but the skin is stopping your modeling from looking great.


The model is looking good, however I take it the eyes aren’t finished yet?

Yoona for those who don’t know what she looks like. dies Korean girls FTW! :smiley:


Not to get off topic but, She’s cute!

I’m working on the eyes and chin and all everything about shapes

the likeness of her face is the hardest part … cause of the nice references are hard to find too
I mean side view and front view

Well, about your reference photos, I might be of some service, (I’m a super Girls Generation fan), but these are some of my collection:

(yoona’s in the middle of the second one…)


(yoona’s in the front in the red shirt), and finally a frontal close-up:
. Just shoot if you need more, I have more than my fair-share. lol :smiley: And kudos on your project, I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time, but sadly I have neither the skill nor the patience. Good luck in finishing, it’s looking pretty good! (I like the hair the best, but I think the chins a little long.)

@ bossestrenders : well… thanks man the last photo is very help :eyebrowlift:
do you have some side view ?

Hmmm, profile, huh? Let’s see what I got…

(small, I know, but maybe useful???)


Some more:

lol seem’s like all the good ones are a little small…

See if any of those work for you :slight_smile:
And I’m gonna tell ya, yoona’s a lot easier to find reference images for than some other stars I’ve tried to render haha XD

WOOW thanks man … seems I have to start from scratch again
collect references and try to match all references :smiley:

Haha sure dude! anything i can do to get that perfect render :slight_smile: oh, don’t forget to watch girls generation’s latest single I Got A Boy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq7ftOZBy0E lol

4Minute & Girls Generation definately make some cheesy pop songs! :spin: