Yoshi FAN game

here is a game i’ve been working on for a few weeks. i’ve been running out of ideas. but here are some screen shots of my work. all models and textures are made form scratch, except the yo frankie splash. The images are of 2 levels. I may make 2 more levels, a forest, a underground, and maybe a rainbow slide level. tell me what you guys think, and spare me the long legality shpeels please, i am aware yoshi is a tm. of Nin. this game is just for fun and educational use. so here it is enjoy.



image post fail :slight_smile:


Oh my. This is truley amazing. I’ve been watching your videos on youtube on this game…it is simply awesome. I really hope this thread doesn’t get taken down because of copyright issues.

If I remember correctly from the videos, you have all the sounds of the actual game, which is so sweet. I remember the rainbow slide level, that was really cool aswell.

Keep up the good work








Don’t post a bunch of images in separate posts, you can fit most of them in just one. They look great though. One thing I recognize, those water splashes, are they from YoFrankie? Also, fan projects aren’t alowed on blender artists


yea i dont know how to put files on here either. can someone tell me how?

Wow this is amazing work + 1 to not banning this or at least letting us know where it’l be kept first.

here is a link to my youtube page.

to put images on here, click ‘go advanced’ or ‘reply’. Quick Reply you can’t upload stuff on. After you click one of those, click ‘manage attachments’. Then click browse and select the .jpg you want or a .blend.

Wow that was insane! Quick question, are you using servo control for the movement?

Dude, that is awesome!
This has to be the best Yoshi game I have ever seen made in blender!