You dont like someone?post it here!TWO

I hate everyone that took part in the first. You are all rotten.

Oh, I thought it was a poll on WHO you hated! BOO! I hate you, obviously! Yippee, the first one was LOCKED!

lock it 8)

I think that, instead of making a new hate-thread, all of us that participated in the first one, should start apologizing to each other…

Sometimes flame wars can be for fun, but there are cases that some people take things too much serious…

So for start, I would like to apologize (for what I’ve said or done… :frowning: ) to valarking (sorry for what I’ve said about the “long cold nights”… :frowning: ), Grizzly69 (I really like bears and WWF… :frowning: ) and above all Theeth (sorry for that baby picture… :frowning: )…

I recommend that you all start doing the same thing…


ps: I mean what I am saying above!!! You can agree or disagree with it. But don’t you even think, to flame me in here, not even for one single second, or else the wrath of Hades (God of the dead and ruler of the underworld) will fell upon your heads!!!

lock dittohead


I forgot to mention that I still hate you all!!! :x :x :x :x ( :stuck_out_tongue: )


hate has to be focussed, or it is weak :smiley:

you sound kinda like you are training us to become sith (well, except for the smiley)! y’know, like a jedi would say something about channeling your anger and hate into energy, while a sith lets hate consume them…

I’m looking forward to completing your
training. In time you will call me Master.

whadda yah mean, ‘lock dittohead’?

First of all I mean:

Don’t post when you are drunk. It cannot be too hard to type the word ‘what’.

Mazer: I corrected the looks of my smiley

Does it has to be someone from this forum, or can I add some celebrities? (I just hate my self for asking that)
In case that I can hate celebrities I’ll start with

N’stink- I don’t need to write reasons why
Britney- The supposedly next Madonna (HA! HA! HA!)
Blink182- The only singer with a side project that sounds absolutely like Blink182
Billy Corgan- Open the window for a big, fat ego. And for shutting down SP
Carls Junior commercials- They made watching someone chewing a hamburger like watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
MTV- They just don’t play music anymore, and if they play it, it’s just music that I don’t like. They have MTV2, but to hell if I’m paying extra for a music channel.
Dell commercials- It was kind of funny in the beggining, but I think they just worn out the joke way too much.
San Francisco Landlords- Ok, there are some cool landlords but sadly, there are more that control the city by the bay like a sim city game.
Lodi- I hate this town, super boring, nothing to do, no wonder Creedence composed a song about it.
Mexican politics- I’m super obsessed with the politics in Mexico, worst that any current mexican soap opera (they were good before).

That’s it for now, if I think of anything to hate later, I’ll update this list

Aaahhhh, Lodi. You can smell the town from 15 miles away on hwy 580. Hello Mazer, I have got myself an apprentice: he hates you very much, and quite focussed!

Aaahhhh, Lodi. You can smell the town from 15 miles away on hwy 580.

Are you referring to the abundance of skunks in this area, or Tracy, which is closer to 580 and they’re blessed with a huge sewage treatment center.

No, I’m referring to the abundant stench of dairy cow manure. I haven’t driven in that area for awhile but I seem to remember being able to guess my location by the smell. :o

Maybe it was just the 580 exit for Lodi that smelled. 8)

P.S. tlaloc58,

I hope you aren’t one of those poor souls who has to make the commute from the central valley to SF or Santa Clara every morning. 4:30 am traffic jams on the Altamont pass don’t sound like much fun to me.

Currently I’m thinking to move for a while to Sacramento, it reminds me of my hometown, Guadalajara, a lot of trees. But who knows, if I find a good place in SF I might go back one of these days, but anyway I’m going to the party for the blender release are you planning to go there too? it would be cool to meet all the blenderheads from the bay area…

[cough] Uhhm, Uhmmm…[/cough]

Ehhhmm… Could we all please concentrate to the topic’s subject please??? Remember??? This is the ULTIMATE HATE thread #2!!!

You are supposed to insult each other, not exchange thoughts…

Please fullback!!! Hurt the man’s feelings!!!

And you tlaloc58, please cut fullback’s throat… or rip his eyes out!!!

For heaven’s shake!!! Do what you are supposed to do!!! :smiley: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


BTW. valarking, my Bat-Dog, is better than your squirrels…


but my stoner cat beat em both.