You Have Been Chosen

Fun little project I just finished. Would love to hear your thoughts!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Hi @Bart Veldhuizen. Bro I just signed in and I have to say what an awesome work you are doing…this really does help everyone who uses blender to create this wonderful scenes… I will defenatly post my best work here. This is @Tripidaworld

Hello, it looks great,

Maybe a little more tiles to make it plausible that there is a hole in the roof,
A vignette makes a little more focus on the person and there
it is a tractor beam, I would animate the flying parts with motionblur either as a posteffect or group the flying parts under an empty and then animate the translation/rotation(twister?!) over 2frames to get a rendered motionblur.

if you want me to delete it let me know


:+1: Look good for me.
The bump map/normal map of the wall is inverted?
Son additional details/topology on the edges of the house and other assets? (depend on style)

Love the lighting :heart:

Such great advice. I didn’t even think of animating the moving parts for added motion blur. Makes total sense. I’ll have to definitely do that. Thanks for your input!

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