You help design the best one hand keyboard with spacemouse

that design… cant imagine this is a good user experience. keys to far away, too little keys. what u think? where should keys be placed for best experience?

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He probably using it with right hand. Thanks for the link, might just print this out as I already have all the other parts. If you just simply want a Spacemouse, last time I looked there were many cheap old ones with more keys on eBay that work just as well if not better with Blender.

id rather not buy a very, very much used item which they touched 8h daily for years USED!!!
i just got the compact spacemouse, will make my own one hand keyboard!

do u know if there is a method to try out where my fingers would sit? i wanna simulate position of keys.

Probably this …and buy some Cherry-like key switches and caps from Aliexpress. Kailh pinks feel pretty nice to me

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ambi. u should become engineer. seriously. :smiley: ur fabulous

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