You know what? I'm liking the interest AMD is taking in Blender

Free publicity
A new rendererthat could rival mental ray(Not saying much but hey it’s something)
Contributions to OpenCl support

I think I might just stick around as an AMD lifelong customer because of this.

so this is a new plug in soft !

on which Cards is this going to work ?
only the leatest one !

happy cl

ProRender worked fine on my old Nvidia GTX660. Well technically it didn’t because the Standard Material Shader didn’t work (corrupt installation?), but rendering a grey box was fast(er than Cycles).
Regarding AMD, i left them and i am on Intel+Nvidia since at least 3 computer generations and it was the right decision.
But i have no hard feelings or fanatic loyalty to an company, they seem to be back in the game and that is good for the market and all of us.
ProRender needs some more features (SSS, Volumes …) before it can play in the same league as the others, but i am sure it gets there.
Needless to say i want to have that Blender plugin, like yesterday.

Will work on all processing units (GPU, CPU…) supporting Open CL 1.2.

Thing is that I invested on an expensive amd gpu because nvidia was out of my price range. That’s why I’m hoping that AMD will make a good renderer to blender.