You saw the Indian road intersection, now let's check out their train stations

Hopefully this isn’t epidemic across all the train stations in India, otherwise the safety here is almost worse than shown in that intersection video:eek:

I await to hear the in-depth knowledge from GodOfBigThings on this.

No this isnt the case across all stations… Though intersections like this are common in rural areas. However, i must also add that the lady was the one at fault.

LOL …even here most of the car accidents are by indians and bungalies ,no offense just a fact .

Nah i’m not offended. I’m myself irritated with the way traffic is over here. ROad rage incidents are too common along with rash driving.
I think someone who has studied psychology could expand more on such behaviour.

lol …i dont mean in india ,i mean here where i live …there are no lots of trafic rushes but still i can see cars shattered here and there…

but this …prooves its not about rush hour .its about IQ level :stuck_out_tongue:

I know you didnt mean india but the people you are referring to are from here…
Anyway, nice video over there lol

You saw the Indian road intersection…
…now see the MOVIE!

In theaters October 16th.

indians are in too much of a hurry. they’re too competitive…

Yeah . . . eat jam with dust my fellow following blenderhead . . . . Broom broommmmm . . . .

I always thought that the Chinese were the bad drivers in NA.

To steal a quote from Larry Niven -

“Just think of it as evolution in action”


This scene could be from anywhere, for example my morning school rush. There are several bus ruining to and fro and they don’t really care for the kids and so they have to take care on their own.
If you are late, you are fined and punished.
The school authorities also don’t really care.
So really I am not surprised.
Recently a metro train derailed here in Delhi, but by gods grace everyone was safe. Imagine what could have happened. It could have fallen on the traffic below killing hundreds.

The surprising element is that accidents are by products of technology. you have train and it also comes with accidents, derailments and all possible things you can imagine.:stuck_out_tongue:

if you climb a mountain without any technology, you’re more likely to have a lethal accident than with technology (rope and hooks)
So… There are ups and downs everywhere :wink:
Of course, technology gives new ways for injuries, but it also works around older cases of possible injury.
Though, more things seem to be added than prevented by technology…

Usually it’s not THE technology that’s the problem, it’s the people who USE the technology that are the problem. Tell a Himalayan to climb a mountain without ropes and he might be able to. Tell someone inexperienced to climb a mountain with ropes and that would be considered suicidal.

That’s true of course… :slight_smile:

Kram you are quite right and so is khurrum. What I also meant is that Technology like train also introduces an element of speed. Not in its obvious sense, but speed in psychological sense and all you know is that you want to rush, run and and the internal clock ticks faster and faster. Like they say here in India: 'what is out there is also what defines the in here. ’
I have been to Indian villages, and you don’t have any accidents there. People are slow, and take their own time. A villager will rather wait for the train to go, and then stroll down. There is nothing rushing him. On the other hand what Technology does to us and how it affects us is still an mystery.
But you two are quite right about mountaineering.

The urge to rush, yeah…
What we do with introducing faster technologies, is basically overclock our internal processor, to cope with the additional information, our inputdevices give us. At times, we overclock so much, that we have bit-failures.

This is a technology parable against certain behaviours, caused by certain types of technolgy. lol

I think its time we humans suppressed this urge to rush and came to a still to have a few moments of relaxation… Or atleast i need to coz i’m down with cold at the moment…

Here comes GOBT’s in depth knowledge on India’s train stations.
I travel 1400km by train every month (between two state capitals and through one of the poorest regions in the world)
and no, I don’t cross like this.
nor have i seen anyone do this. (other than the homeless kids who live on stations.)
The video you have seen is a popular one and I have seen it before on TV. Its not that everyone in india crosses the railway tracks like this. This was just a bad decision, and one slow woman.

But I cannot say that the safety is great either. If i wanted to cross like that, i can and no one would stop me.
At the same time you also have to keep in mind that india has one of the largest rail networks in the world, which transports 6.5 billion people a year (thats about the same as the world’s population).
Even a small percentage of this is a HUGE number. So we may have more people killed by trains than anywhere else ,but we also have more people travelling in trains than anywhere else.

If i talk about it , it’ll be a very,very long post.
But basically, there are 4 stages of knowing how things work out here:-

  1. You don’t like it.
  2. You wonder why everything is the way it is, (why is the traffic so bad?, why is it so crowded?, why is the water so dirty?,why is it so hot?) ,to which you never get an answer.
  3. You wish everything was the way it is in your country.
  4. You give up.

P.S. to all the India haters, first learn to appreciate this

Look at the no of employees.

This stuff happens much closer to ur home (if you’re not living in Asia ofc). Watch this. It’s video material used by the British goverment to show the people how dangerous they are acting. Yes, it’s his shoe flying around.