You Want to see some cool animations?

then check this out…i need some advice
tell me what you think

destroying my neighbours mailbox:

Blender Massive Explosion:

You need some advice in what? I find the video good by the way I like the first one that you made which is destroying my neighbours mailbox. :smiley:

thanks! but i meant just general things you think i could improve on
and the mailbox one was just clever use of particles intergrated with a rigid bodies sim

In the mailbox, how did you make that kind of dust effect?

for the material of the particles, i used procedural textures. because i made that i little while ago
i can’t remember which ones i used… i could probly try find the .blend

Cool, thanks :smiley:

hi, i needed more animations for my newly developed website.i have seen that animations these are very good.i need more.

Not impressed.

@sam very cool! yes i will upload some more very very soon

@rvngizswt how? what don’t you like about it?

Can you upload the blend soon? :stuck_out_tongue: And maybe a particle tutorial? :smiley:

i am VERY sorry but the blend was lost over some time, but i can make a tutorial for the particles, or maybe
i should just do a tutorial on a volumetric smoke-dust effect
what do you think?
i will do a tutorial for you guys though

WOOO!!! Do it! I really want help with VFX stuff so I need to know how to do smoke and dust… those areas would be appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, the smoke and dust was cool!

is that you want a tut for the volumetric smoke and dust?
or the particles?
i think u mean the volumetric but im not sure

a sneak preview for the tutorial
haven’t fully made the effect work yet, but im getting there
sneak peak:

made it this morning tell me what you think
i need some ideas for how i can show thats dust
like wether i should make just emit from a ball or whether it should just get pushed round by the wind
tell me how you want the tutorial to be excecuted

I think with the wind that is best. Maybe have it coming out of like…I don’t know a sandbag or something?