Young Boy - Updated


I spent a few days working on this head.



… looks far from finished…

Damn were have you been, I remember some of the stuff you used to post when you first started and you have improved. I think if you spent more time on this head you could have something that is seriously good. I think the eyes need some work partcularly with the anatomy and structure and possibly the nostrils and the area just below the lips and around the chin. Unless he has had some serious chemo treatment some eyebrows and lasses and peach fuzz would really help.

Overall its good but it could be excellent if you spent more time on it. the overall structure and form is really nice you just need to go in there and get the details right.

Thanks for the critiques.


Updated the first post.

Any critiques?

I would tone down the bump a little. It’s over exaggerated a lot all over the CG community. I guess what I’m saying is that a boy has smoother skin than that, and even as I approach my 40s, my skin doesn’t look like that, or have the gigantic pores that other artists use on people’s faces. I think subtlety would go a long way here.

Thanks for the critique. I smoothed out the skin and removed some of the larger pores.

Very good topology!

Thanks MaxTux.

Hey… nice done, i liked it!
it remembers me JOSH that boy from “Silent Hill Homecoming”…
kinda creepy you know? i have no critiques at all i think you have a nice model over there =)
Keep on the good work!

gettin better