Young Elephant

I’m going to be building a young elephant. I intend to end up with a rigged model- and maybe animate it afterwards.

I’ve recently learned a new workflow that I really like. I used to immediately start with modelling, but now I’m leaning more towards sculpting first, and then doing a re-topo.
I like being able to separate the two tasks of 1) figuring out the form of your model, and 2) figuring a good topology. If you do both at the same time, the form can often end up being sacrificed for the sake of an easier topology, and that’s bad for your art.

Blender doesn’t have dynamic sculpting yet, but that’s fine - the remesh modifier let’s me change the topology and add vertices whenever needed. Of course, the resulting mesh isn’t very good, but it’s enough to sculpt out the rough form.
Here’s what I have so far.