Young Goku Flying The Nimbus Cloud (Fan Art)

Hey guys!

Just a continuation of my young Goku sculpt, but this time he’s riding the nimbus cloud =). Hope you guys like it. Sculpted and rendered in Blender 2.8 rc3


Love the work that you’ve done man. it kind of reminds me to the wax figure i’ve created when i was a child.

If you’ll excuse me to give you some critique. I’ll suggest that you should add some spike of the hair at the back of the head there. Right now, you only have the spike on the side of it. Just to add some consistency to the original character design.


thanks dude @jaki.creative , this is the first serious set of sculpts i have actually done, but ur right about the hair, i just got a bit lazy and i didnt wanna subdivide the hair again and add more polys as it slowed blender down immensely upon saving the project, (and i do alot of saving). thank you.

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Love DB/DBZ/DBS/DB… Will admit that though this is close, very close, something feels missing on his face. Had to take three looks to see Goku here. And I apologies by am slightly biased as I love DB too much (so take my feedback with some skepticism :slight_smile: )

Outside of the face, the cloud, would recomend to add a slight noise displacement for more details (if you are going for real cloud) or if you are going for cartoony, then just simply emphesize the current “puffs” on the cloud to make them more visible. Currently it blends too much.

Additionally recommend to tweak the lighting. feels slightly flat.

Defintily feels like a cool wax figure, which I have to say, very nicely done.

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thank you for the constructive comments, you’re right about the lighting. :+1:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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thank you so much :smile: :blush:

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