Young modelers

Hello all I was just wondering how many artists here are under 18? I am 13 and if you predators out there are reading this don’t get any ideas my dad’s a cop and my mom’s italian.

well im 15 and my sisters italian

I’m 17, started Blender at 16.

NEVER, EVER state your ages on the web, never, you just dont´t know who´s on the other side, just to be safe.
“Keep it secret, keep it safe” it applies to life too, not only the One Ring :).

just a friendly comment.

Quoted for a vote likewise. ALSO do not respond to any ASL questions.

I’m 17 (omfg stated my age!!), started about 6 months ago (while I was 17). I remember stumbling across Blender when I was 13 and not bothering with it. I regret not doing it. You get so much more free time in those years than you do now.

i’m sixteen started at thirteen.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hah, I doubt that someone will stalk you by knowing your age. They’d have to know a LOT more about you than that!

Yeah my secret is I just act like a jackass so if anyone would want to be my friend I would know its a predator. ^^!

… Or if they want to be your friend, that means that they’re a jackass too.


And remember:

Fishy fish fish fishy fish.

Other than the occasional flamewar you might find yourself engaged in over topics like Linux vs Windows or Max vs Blender, I don’t think anyone here is going to bug you. Just beware of people who send you PMs. Predators never act out in the open…

I’m turning 15 in about a month and started Blender when I was 13. The younger you are when you start Blender, the better.

woah! i must be the youngest person here! woooo! (is that a good thing?)

I was born last tuesday.

For such a young kid, you’re a great hacker. It says you joined BA in 2005. :eek:

Not to mention your modeling skills… wish I could learn to model like that in 8 days. Dang!

well bad news guys i was kidnapped because i gave out my age but luckily enough the predator told me i can keep my computer since i told him thats all i really care about anyways he says i can still be friends with you guys tho because he says he likes you all as well

well il say this…i started maya personal learning edition when i was 8…

Morbid, I thought we agreed that conversation would stay private. :smiley:

I am at least 100 years old and started using Blender over 9000 years ago.

Oh, and, I’m bored.

sorry enhzflep i didnt think that you would read the same thread where you found me in again