Your Desk and the Things Thereon

I’ve been wanting to create a topic like this pretty much forever, lol. Tell about what you have on your computer desk/workstation.

Um… let’s see. A “harvest of hope” magazine, a ziploc bag with something like $20 in it (change and bills and stuff), a notebook I used to record certain school-related things in, a big BLENDER 2.3 GUIDE book. This is the desk. My PC itself is mounted on a wooden shelf up above the desk where I sit.

On the shelf, which is up above but still counts as work station space, there is some music CD’s that aren’t mine, the box to the PC version of HALO, the box to a second-hand “World of Warcraft” game I can’t use (something to do with registration… stupid proprietary MMORPG), the box to my video card, a 256 MB USB stick, a headset, box to my mouse, and “More Short Stories by Mark Twain” on CD.

Post your junk here.

on my desk there is a cpmuter (obviously), a case of Black and White 2, loads of crappy music CD’s (my sister owns them), a HP deskjet 5150, a tub of PVA glue, a lamp, a paint brush, a hairband, hair straightners(sp?), a roll of wool, microsoft flight simulator 2004, floppy disks, quake 3 arena, hair brush, university booklets, some sort of diary, and a piece of paper with details of my grapic card settings for Black and White 2… oh and a hairclip(s)

thats pretty much it, and as you can guess, this is my sisters room, she argued to the death with me over who gets the computer in whos room, and she won :<

My desk… Let’s see…
[>] Keyboard
[>] TV Remote
[>] Mouse
[>] Monitor
[>] Speakers from my stereo (way better than most computer speakers I’ve found)
[>] Various random floppy disks
[>] Various random games (including The Sims 2 + Expansion packs, SimCity 4, Rollercoaster Tycoon + Expansion packs, Diablo II [- expansion pack {have to remember to get that back}], Worms Armageddon)
[>] Two empty Pepsi cans
[>] Several Pepsi labels
[>] Random stuff written on paper
[>] Some piece of metal that I still haven’t found the origin of
[>] BBs I’ve shot in my room that bounced over here
[>] Cordless phone
[>] Container holding 24 suckers I stole from work
[>] Candy container I use as a garbage, filled with Tootsie Roll wrappers
[>] Pens that don’t work (useful for cleaning my mouse)

And since my mini fridge holds my tower, I’ll include it as my desk:
[>] Tower (named Ugly Doris/Frankenstein [if you saw it, you’d know why])
[>] USB controller
[>] Doritos (Edit: not anymore)
[>] Tostitos
[>] Peanuts
[>] Homer
[>] Sometimes a cat
[>] A grill for the fan at the back of my tower (why I haven’t put it on yet, I do not know…)

I think that’s everything…

[>] keyboard
[>] mouse
[>] monitor
[>] computer case
[>] 2 empty water bottle
[>] a pack of gum
[>] okley (fake) sunglasses (hmm…)
[>] speakers
[>] school stuff on the top of my computer case
[>] air duster can
[>] webcam
[>] some money
[>] lots of backup cd, some video games cd (quake4 atm)
[>] some bills
[>] a special “corsair” computer screwdriver
[>] a usb stick
[>] lots of useless paper (school, old bills)
[>] a broken hard drive
[>] a cofee mug
[>] a couple of floppy disk with old stuff on them (can’t remember what…)
[>] a crappy digi cam with no flash memory…so totally useless… yay

that’s about it…too much stuff %|

A router.
A touch lamp.
A toilet roll - for blowing my nose I hasten to add.
A ruler for measuring stuff - again I hasten to add stuff like proportions on my computer screen for Blender work.
My car keys and house keys.
Pens for writing on CDs/DVDs.
A comb.
My wallet.
TV, DVD remotes.
Cellotape dispenser.
A phone.
An empty peanut tub.
A packet of soggy biscuits - I keep them out until they go soggy. I guess that doubles as a dehumidifier.
A few packets of fruit polos sweets.
Balls of steel - the chinese ones for relaxing.
Insurance and bank documents.
A plasma ball.
A miniature bottle of whisky.

Computer (Kinda useful that one)
Empty pint glass
Coffee mug with a snowman on it
3 Pens (one a permanent marker)
Pack of HB pencils
Bowl with chocolate biscuits
Backup pair of spectacles
A lamp
A remote for my micro-sized radio
Pack of sleeping tablets
Mouse mate for putting hot plates on when eating.

That’s pretty much it :smiley:

ok this could be quite a sizeable list…
numerous books (both for pleasure and school)
computer game boxes (delta force, joint ops)
a jacket
a pen caddy
a deck of cards
a few note books
2 cameras
1 video camera
a few cds
a light
a tv
a calendar (one of those daily ones)
a picture frame
a couple of loose photos
a few random sheets of paper
a printer/scanner/copier all in one
a pair of scissors
a couple of note cards
mini dv tapes for video camera
printer paper
a mini globe
a remote
a few speakers
post it notes
game cube games

ok i believe thats it. it is reasonable to assume that my desk is a mess…oh well…i cant be bothered…

Two monitors
On top of left monitor: router and Palm m130
On top of right monitor: action figures of Captain Picard, Chancellor Palpatine, Yoda, and R2-D2
Under left monitor: phone book
Two cups
Lots of clips from food containers
Assorted notes from my mother that she leaves at my computer in the morning
Ticket stub from March of the Penguins
Key to bike lock
Rubber band
Charlie Brown action figure
Pen drive
Ball of yarn
Rubik’s Cube
Numerous random bits of paper with useful and/or useless information on them

[>] computer
[>] small flashlight
[>] a microphone on an improvised stand (stiff wiring wrapped around a 3lb mortar shell thing)
[>] speakers
[>] gundam figurines
[>] mini jet planes
[>] a box with tai-chi balls
[>] a prism
[>] a huge lense out of a photocopier
[>] semi-silvered piece of glass
[>] a grail (made in art class)
[>] my wristwatch
[>] computer controller that sorta looks like a ps2 controller, and of which i havn’t found a use for
[>] kit kat wrapper
[>] m’n’m wrapper
[>] pencam
[>] cassette tapes
[>] 2 coasters
[>] my old palm m505 (i think it has finally crapped out on me, but im not sure)
[>] USB cable for pencam
[>] a wet paper towel

then to the right of my desk is a tv stand which houses various computer cables and all of my cds, whether they be games or music.

-Laptop, though not for blending anymore since i built a new comp which is in the other room
-mouse on mouse pad
-various vacation pictures
-cell phone
-wrist watch
-tissue box WITH tissues, I might add
-two ceramic container thingies with assorted paraphernalia
-a few newspaper clippings
-some bills
-university newspaper
-anatomy & physiology book
-some magazine
-two post-it notes
-some dust here and there which comes back five bloody seconds after I wipe it off

Main Desk:

Tablet and stylus
X-Arcade controller
Two ps2 controllers hooked up via usb adaptors
Mouse + pad
DSL Modem
Wireless phone

Small Desk beside Main:

‘c++ from the ground up second edition’
3 cases containing cd’s & dvd’s
Old 120GB hd

Plastic cup
Stereo Speakers
MIDI cables
Surround Sound Speakers
Box with Bass(the instrument)
Bass Pick
Microshi…soft Sidewinder Controller(2)
GHS Fast Fret (cleans guitar strings)
A peice of paper with a mech desin I’m making in Blender
And another set of stereo speakers
A guiter is leaning on the desk, is that allowed?
A laser jet printer
A Dreamcast, a Dreamcast controller and keyboard
An Emerson Stereo tuner
Oh yeah, a Dreamcast VGA box
Boot disk for Windows 98 and Linux Fedora Core 3 and another boot disk
A green toolbox looking plastinc thing
A “green screen” made out of paper on cardboard, the paper is white
drawer full of empty CD cases of games that are now in a CD holder
A Diablo II box with CD and booklet inside(need to remeber to get that
An old Summasketh tablet
I just moved the guitar leaning on my desk
A subwoofer/amp
And another Dreamcast controller
Some cables for printer port
An Exam Results page from my brothers homeschooling
A Quest for Glory III box cover, along with two diffrent King’s Quest V
box covers(pretty)
Un teatro casero (igual que rodean cosa sana) setup la guía en español e inglés
Half-Life Platinum Edition, sorry, Collection
Stellar 7 game with box(1990, wow, that’s old!for a game anyway)
Two Thief II cds, one for game and one for installation
A Unreal Tournament 2004 game with box, accesories included
plus shipping and handling
And an old blank cd tower case thing with CD-RWs in it

I probibly missed shipping and handling

I can’t even see what’s on my desk - there’s too much stuff on top of it!
Well, at the moment, I’m in a computer room, so there’s…
many computers
Many keyboards
many mice (or mouses!)
a random floppy disk
some spare ethernet cables
a phone
some paper
a stapler

However, when I get my new laptop (Acer Aspire 3003LMi) in about 2 weeks, I’ll be able to tell you what’s actually on my desk! Hmmm, by then this thread would probably be buried and I might be accused of necromancy.
Ah well!

bumper sticker
flash light
harry potter hat
drawing of yoda
como agua para chocolate book
cell phone
assignment book

A picture says a thousand words.

Note the mini fridge on the left. Very handy for beverage disbursement. My computer desk was much more cluttered bevore I moved. Now it’s all nice and somewhat organized.

Well, besides mouse and monitor:

[>] A lamp that looks like the one from pixar
[>] A hat, apparently of eastern European origin
[>] Assorted disks, some of which are in wooden boxes
[>] Scribblings of an organized criminal plan [Think I’m joking?]
[>] A graphing calculator
[>] A flashlight that I made myself
[>] A pair of state trooper sunglasses
[>] A jar with nothing but whiteout pens
[>] A broken palm pilot

There you go.

That looks more like a maxi fridge than a mini fridge! Mucho beverages!

Brace thyself, it’s long!

Right now:

[>] Open PC case
[>] Monitor
[>] PCI video card
[>] 2 agp video cards
[>] power cable
[>] sata and ide cables
[>] case side
[>] two mobo boxes
[>] clock

Once I get my PC back together:

[>] Two monitors
[>] PC tower
[>] small LCD readout
[>] Mug with pens
[>] Post it notes
[>] DSL modem
[>] Soundcard breakout box
[>] RF wireless mouse receiver
On the top level of the desk (above the monitors)
[>] Subwoofer
[>] Clock
[>] Wireless Router
[>] Gigabit switch
[>] two satellite speakers
[>] Starwars lego set
[>] Adobe Creative Suite Prem. 1 case
[>] Star Wars widescreen original trilogy DVDs
Keyboard tray:
[>] Keyboard :wink:
[>] Mouse
Desk drawer
[>] An absolute ton of utter superfluous crap, that despite it’s “crap” status I still kept it
Bottom level
[>] Joystick that I never use
[>] some game boxes and cds
[>] random cds
[>] dust
[>] second more powerful subwoofer

Next to this I have a standalone cabinet with a couple of drawers full of computer parts, my head phones and a all my computer and art books.


Of course I keep full meals in there as well. :wink:

two monitors
two mice
one keyboard
5 port switch
coaster, flashlight, floss, post-it, eraser, q-tips

that is all… now if you had asked what I have on my table:
two towers
playstation 2
nother keyboard
two more mice
two ps2 games [we love katamari and ratchet and clank 3]
graphire 2
wired magazine [2 issues]
2 floppy disks
2 flash drives
nother flashlight
soda can [diet coke, not my usual choice]
ps2 wireless controllers
regular ps2 controller
another display
extension cord forheadphones
box holding misc ps2 peripherals

… and elsewhere in storage places nearby
several broken combination locks
rc car differential
binary clock
rc car controllers
sonic stuffed toy
intel “bunny” [shiny clean room suit doll]
sock cap
eclipse workstation lamp
dozens of ps2 games
more than 82 coasters
broken mouse [ball mouse]
fm transmitter
sharpies!!! [x4]
marbles!!! [a couple]
book by scott adams
game cds
2 sets of speakers [one powered one not]
more floss
toothbrush and toothpaste