Your Favourite PSP game ¿

:: Your Favourite PSP game ¿ ::

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for me , it is like this :yes:

1- Metal Gear Solid portable ops
2- Silent Hill Origions
3- Heat Seaker
4- others

these are my favourite games
so … post yours <no offense> , lol …

I don’t have a PSP so can’t have any favourites yet . . … however I would like to get one in the future so would like to know of the good games.

I didn’t like the controls on MGS and I checked out the videos of Silent Hill and I remember why I stopped playing those games.

My favorite ones are:

1- Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow (I just played the demo but it uses Havok, which is so cool to see on a portable device - I bet they could put Half-Life 2 on this thing)
2- Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
3- Syphon Filter 3 - PSone port
4- Burnout Legends

  1. Lumines (games should not be allowed to be that addictive)
  2. Final Fantasy Tactics
  3. Metal Slug Anthology

I’ve been playing Castlevania SOTN on it lately tho, through the PSOne emulation. Totally bad-ass. If they ever release that Gran Turismo game, I;m sure that will end up stealing a ridiculous amount of time from me.

I really like the following two games


These are the games i really like a lot.

Umm those aren’t psp games r they? Anyways my favorite psp games are

  1. Me and My katamari
  2. Burnout Legends
  3. Socom Us navy seals demos
    4.Psp internet browser
  4. Psp Video and hd picture browser

Sorry I would have put games up but i literally don’t play them as much as the internet and vid and pic.

wow , seems like logan’s shadow is really great ,…

Tekken Dark Ressurrection

The Syphon Filter games get the highest ratings for FPS titles on the PSP. They are often overlooked in favor of games like Splinter Cell but the Splinter Cell version for the PSP is pretty bad - you can’t even look and run at the same time properly so if someone is shooting at you, you have to move with the stick, let go, hold circle and look around with the stick, let go and move with the stick again.

In Syphon Filter, the best button layout is the elite one or whatever it’s called. You look with the stick and move with the 4 buttons on the right. Then you fire with the R button. Duck, jump, vision modes and weapon modes are controlled by the directional buttons. The L button is target lock.

The games have proper animated cut-scenes. Some of the dialog is a bit lame but the story is interesting all the way through.

The site has the demo. You just have to make an account, plug in the PSP and download it directly. You need a fairly fast connection though. You also need to use Windows to do it.

Here’s the trailer:

They added more shaders in this one than Dark Mirror so it looks a bit nicer. Check the water effects here:

Lol socom uses that format and honestly syphon filter is a really good game.