Your Modeler of choice?

To all Blender and multi 3d app users, whats your favorite modeling app? Blender, Rhino, Max, Maya, Cinema, and so on…
also if blender could have all the features of another app, what app would that be?

  1. blender

  2. mirai (nendo / wings,… it’s all the same)

alright, mirai intresting choice

Some others that look interesting/promising:

I always am tempted by the features in nendo and realsoft that blender doesn’t have, i.e. face/edge editing modes, variable edge hardness on subDs, manipulation widgets, etc.
but: I’m so much faster with blender that I never end up really getting comfortable with the alien interface. I’ve found my way around most of the limitations, and, other than realsoft, the other apps are not much good for other than modelling, so I’d have the added step of export/import. And we know how painful that can be.
here’s a wrinkle though:
favourite/alternative mapper/uv editor?

Yikes! a favorite uv mapper, in plane truth I hate uv mapping : blenders is ok, but I spend some time playing with deep paint 3d mapper/painter, and cinemas 4d bodypaint, both pretty much the same, if blender spruced theres up, with some custom brushes, and better control over uv’s in the mapper and lil bit of this and that it should be enough to compete with others. All in All a uv mapper is my enemy and there all bout the same the one with the most ease is my friend :), heh there all about the same to me :

Would use Zbrush if I could afford it (or rather if I wasn’t so cheap). It’s a wonder when it comes to organic modelling.
But other than that it’s Blender all the way

:slight_smile: pofo

My favorite modeling app is Blender. The editmode of Blender is unequaled by others. It’s the fastest modeler on earth:)

Mirai seems nice to me, too, but I’ve only tried it for a few minutes, so I coulnd’t really say. I’ve used 3d Studio VIZ and Lightwave, and I think Lightwave has a lot of strong points, as well as a lot of weak points:)

I’ll stick to Blender,


I was intrigued about Nendo and Mirai from the previous posts, so i checked out its website…

have you realized that they charge $ 6495 for it ???

malefico (who definately doesn’t belong to the wealthy part of the community :slight_smile: )

If your interested in nendo as a modeler… try wings3d from It is based on nendo and is free.

Seems Nendo, wings 3d, mirai, and blender are the comminuties prefered modelers of choice, what about uv mappers?

Here’s some other modellers to check out:

Amapi 4.15
TrueSpace 1
Mid Night Modeller

All are full version, free downloads

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Unfortunately, MarbleClay is discontinued :frowning:
It seems to be a good modeler though.

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I’ll look into those apps you suggested MaceG, may write a review on some of them.