Your opinion about Free Pascal

What is your opinion about free pascal ?

You can find it here :

Free Pascal is the finest pascal standard available. It does things right where a few people have gone wrong (even Borland).

However, it still lacks an integrated GUI library, such as Borland’s VCL. This doesn’t stop you from programming using third-party toolkits, like Tcl/Tk and GTK, but it seems me to be a bit hackish still.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s the way all *nix GUI toolkits work, so if you’re familiar with them then you’ll be right at home.

Hope this helps.

[edit]I just perused it some more… You might want to check out Lazerus. It aims to be an integrated GUI development environment (for FreePascal). Currently it supports Windows, GTK, and OSX. I’m going to give it another look myself.[/edit]