your theme song

If you had to chose one song to be you “theme song” what would it be.

Myne would be “I am a rock” by simon and garfuncle.

Tells you lots of good things about my personality dosn’t it.

mine would be XXL by Keith Anderson, it decribes me exactly.

Leave out all the rest. Linkin Park.

“The Trooper” by Iron Maiden!

we fly high-jim jones

Jimi Hendrix - Voodo Child…
Or, Tell me baby - Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Another good one would be the imperial march from Star Wars.

Well at my school, our High School graduation theme song was: “We’re on a road to nowhere”. And the guy who picked that song, he must of seen the future.:slight_smile:

@ozo - at least he didn’t pick Highway to Hell

jackson browne-The Pretender-“Caught between the longing for love (art) and the struggle for the legal tender (money)”

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man
… maybe

If by “Theme Song” you mean, the music that would correspond to your scene in a film… say the song that plays over you doing stuff in a movie…

mine used to be >THIS<
lately it’s >THIS<
(may want to check that volume is not too high before you click that second link…)

kind of a leap from one to the other, but i just love them both, the second is just too new for me to really want to say it would be my theme. Click them… if i just TOLD you, you’d never get the chance to hear two of the best songs ever. And this is more fun.

Not an easy choice, but I think I’d have to go with “Someday” from the Muppet Movie. (It’s the one that Gonzo sings in the desert).

She Loves Me Not - Papa Roach

The Crimson - Atreyu.