Your thoughts on the title:Big Buck Bunny

As many of you know the movie title for Project Peach is Big Buck Bunny. Many of you have also seen the amusing video blog where the guys are in descusion about the title.

Reading all the comments that have already been made on the blog i thought i would be interesting to discuss it here.

I like the title Rabbitribution, but after saying it a few of times i did get toung tied and developed an inability to pronounce “tr” for a short while.:eek:

I very first impression of the title Big Buck Bunny was to think of a rich (as in money) rabbit. “Big Buck (or bucks)” implies a large quantity of money, at least in the US it does.

Ciao for now!


I would wote for ‘a rabbit’s revenge’ or for ‘big bunny’. But there is no poll, so… :wink:

I find it missing the tagline character of ‘A Rabbit’s revenge’. Big Bucks Bunny is not really anything catchy.
Take ‘A Elephant Dream’ for example it has something mystical about it leaving you with a desire to learn more. I’m kind of missing that with the current title but whom am I to decide.

ok, that does it!

as soon as they release the models i shall start a thread for everyone to pimp up their bunny BB and to see with what do people come up with.

The only thing I dislike about the title is that when I say I feel like “Bugs Bunny” should have come out of my mouth. It’s a weird feeling, but it’s irritating. I think they should shorten it to Big Buck.

I think it would sound better if it was THE Big Buck Bunny, instead of Big Buck Bunny on its own.

It roles of the toung with “The” at the start. You can say it quickly and it sounds even better.

That’s also how I feel. But it’s easy to visualize Ton announcing this title at the premiere :slight_smile:

personally i thing rabbits revenge sounded better, big buck sounds to much like its referring to money

The title isn’t as good as the working one.

I would suggest “Rabbitual sweet revenge” or the same thing in Japanese.

I read “bugs bunny”. So this title seems too similar/conflicting.

It reminded me of the old cartoon Bucky O’hare. I think everyone was used to the idea of A Rabbit’s Revenge and the new title is leaving a bitter taste in some people’s mouths, but once they get used to it and see it, I’m sure they’ll stop complaining about the title and find ways to nitpick the short instead. :smiley:

That is so true. If I saw the title apart from the Peach project, I would think it a rather lame and childish title. There’s a very good explanation on the peach blog, but “Big Buck Bunny” doesn’t say anything to me. “A Rabbit’s Revenge” might sound rather corny, but I would much prefer it.
Sorry Peach, that’s what I have to say.

I suppose I’ll wait for the film first.

I dont really think Bugs Bunny when saying Big Buck Bunny, i dont think of Big $££$ Bunny either. Its not like a cash cow. Boom Boom.