Your turn to move...

This is my try to model and render a chess set. Modeling was done
in blender, i know chess sets are a bit overdone in 3d, but it came out
a bit unusually, so i show it here:

Bye, Olaf.

wow, that is simply amazing! 5 stars? 4 maybe? no, i am going to give 5! you deserve it!

I see reflection, but don’t see the shadow - even of such transparency object ought to be a shdow.

With such an reflective underground you won´t see very much of a shadow, believe me…

But thank you anyway for watching, Bye.

very nice - great work…

Very good. Materials are amazing. perhaps add some more pieces in the background, to give the picture better balance, and perhaps some variation between the materials on the white and black squares.

usually chess set models and renders arent very good but this ones awesome
what did you render with?

nice render…did u use nodes for the DoF ?? if yes, can u please post the nodemap?

CHeck this tutorial:

Wow thats pretty nice! :slight_smile: Love the composition of it all.

thnx a lot vova, had been looking for it this evening, i ws sure i had seen the tute somewhere…needed for a small project i am doing, will post in couple of days…thnx…and nice render again,olaf…