YouTube for Blender?

I’ve made a few animation tests in blender and uploaded them to youtube so I could post them on this site. Only problem is, my subscribers are emailed about this video, and they aren’t blender fans, so they get mad at me and post angry comments. (Yes, angry.) Yes, I know they aren’t that interesting, but I have nowhere else to upload them. So my question is, is there a youtube for blender?

Tell them to unsubscribe. Don’t be let down by internet bullys. Just ignore them.

set up a youtube acct just for ur blender stuff

There are a ton of sites that host videos. Vimeois a decent site. They support HD video too.

Yeah, seriously, they should buzz off. :ba:

or alternatively, that could work too … :rolleyes:

Hmmm why isn’t there a Blender group for youtube - or is there one? Or a blenderartists group at least?

I personally hold an opinion that is the way to go for distributing media (including Blender tutorials). There doesn’t appear to be a length or size limtation, quality appears losssless and speed is excellent.

I second that

It has a download function too for the people who dont like streaming video (like me) :wink:

There are already and


Advertise the videos to the Blender groups. Do note some of the haters may be Autodesk or Maxon fanboys.

Vimeo has a download link, too.

I’d like to be able to put the embed tag into the Artwork -> Animations forum threads. That way viewers here can just watch our clips directly without having to “click away” to some other ad-laden mishmash of a site.

But you have to be logged in…

I am trying to work on a small kind of Blender Video site. if anyone has any ideas please tell me. I have a player that I am working on.