You've seen AI that can play games on their own, now they can create the levels

Basically, researchers fed an AI a number of different samples from Super Mario Bros. and gave it a string of simple rules. The result was an automated generation of more than 100 unique level sections swelling to more than 300 as constraints were loosened.

This could either enable a slew of next generation games that can feed a player unlimited levels that look as good as handcrafted ones or lead to the game companies firing most of their level design teams to cut costs. Either way…

Computers have been doing procedurally generated levels ever since Rogue (procedural perma-death maze, in 1980 ASCII).
The fact it does it by watching Gameplay videos is interesting though, and means that this particular level building technique will never replace human designers.

There are other, far more interesting Deep Learning AI’s, say, for instance Google Image Search, which the used to generate some abstract art (and social media has hyped to ‘dreams’:

I for one welcome our game level programming overlords.

What they need to do is make a chatbot that can identify pictures you scan in,select with a cursor or pictures you draw in gimp.I wish they would make it opensource.