Yucky pussball-like thingy with veins

decided to try to make something disgusting with the procedural system:


Wow, its beautiful in a disgusting way!!!

Please Tell more on how you did it and can i see a wireframe??


a .blend might be illustrative too.

Very very nice (in a nasty sort of way).

I agree, a .blend would be very interesting.

Blende and mrmunkily: just fyi there is a Workshop in the Works in Progress section devoted to this sort of organic modeling. It’s address is: http://www.elysiun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=32763. Some of the people posted .blends of their work.

Argh! :frowning: forgot to save… ill dig though my temp files tomarrow

Ramps, i added some ramps, make sure you use add, and a yucky red->green transition :wink:
Next is the spec, set hardness and spec WAAY up (hardness about 300)
Now for the procedurals, the displacement texture is a voroni with Neg selectd, then i used stencil to make sure the veins would be prominent along the “hills”

as for the wireframe, just add a uvsphere and put both options to 100

Here it is(not EXACTLY like the one in the image because i forgot to save but close enough): http://f00fbug.creationgate.com/yuck.blend

make an animation of it POPPING! :smiley:

w00t! will do :smiley:

Wow, this is fudgemonkeying awesome! I never thought it was possible to make stuff this good with Blender’s current toolset, although I have been experimenting with procedurals lately (they’ve improved greatly).

Since this thread is about how great Blender is, I’ll just add that with Blender’s current mesh tools, modelling is a breeze!! It even made me go back to good ol’ blender and model some stuff (it’s a mini-stereo that looks like a goblin which you might see in this forum soon :wink: )!

:o I think I’m going to be sick :o

Make an animation of it exploding into a million pieces that fly everywhere :smiley: and a nastry bug crawing out :stuck_out_tongue:


yet another plagued testicule. A good one though.

If you told me it was a photo of a part of your brains I would fell down of it’s realisme. Bwaaarrgh … O_o was that my dinner?

Awesome shader. :stuck_out_tongue: