Yuuko Aioi

A lot of little stuff is needed, still some symmetry where there shouldn’t be, not ready to apply all the mirror modifiers yet, some distances aren’t quite right, etc.

I hate working with Freestyle sometimes.

Very nicely done , this was what brought me to blender i wanted to do my cartoons on blender. Plz how did u do your black line outlines? Did u draw them or is it some blender trick? I also have a model that i downloaded it also had black outlines but they were done using blender and they would appear even without having to render to be able to see them. For now i use Madcap to get black outlines but they dont look good :frowning:

Your model looks very good! and follows the art style well. The only thing that is abit off is the hands but overall good job.

I think that’s freestyle. It draws outlines and markes one edges, creases, etc, depending on the settings.

The hands look terrible in that particular view mostly because of freestyle but they’re actually decent.

Also, here’s an updated render. I’m working on a B&W manga version that’s more similar to the Nichijou manga, which was changed a bit for the anime.

And yes I used freestyle for the lines, but I only because I have to. I don’t like freestyle much, it’s difficult to get settings that are merely passable, I think even simple GLSL shaders can do a better job. The only benefit it has is that, as with the rest of Blender’s tools, it’s a 10-ton hammer that you can use for many other creative purposes.

yea those do look better, that’s pretty weird that freestyle can throw it off like that.

Yep… Good one here!

I once watched a tutorial about Freestyle, and I honestly understood nothing…

So to me, you have merit being able to do this so well…

Yes me too id love to know this freestyle for my cartoons, wold do me a lot of favour, very nice work :slight_smile: