Yuumi cute kitty cat Official fanart league of legends

Yuumi is just the most cutetest thing ive ever seenit was so fun doin her in 3d i love this overstylized creature renders :heart:

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Maybe a bit offtopic, but how any fanart can be official?
If it’s official - made by RIOT - then it’s no longer a fanart.
If it’s a fanart - it’s made by a fan, not RIOT, so it can’t be official.

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its officially my fanart thats why its official not official riot art
:smiley: welcome to logic

Pretty kitty! :slight_smile:

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This officially made my brain hurt. Cool cat!

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lol sorry and thanks for the sweet comment <3

thankies <3

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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omg you are just too kind <3

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