z3r0 d !!! avatar ?


Who is your avatar supposed to be??

I’m not sure is this is supposed to be a cartoon of Jack Black or Dr. Zaius!

please pm him to ask. dont start a new thread.

it is control from teen titans

the episode where raven makes a scary movie real [more or less]

nice episode, but control rules
[so does his remote]

yeah, I know, a bit childish [and I should be drawing my own avatars by now], but still…

if you care, my previous avatar:
is from justice leauge episodes 47 and 48 [perhaps 42 or 43 and 44?, dunno…], title “wild cards”

she is ace, member of the royal flush gang

and she is insane

and, if she looks at you right you go insane as well

[she doesn’t do much until the second episode, in the first one she pretty much sits staring blankly at nothing]

haha lol, i love justice league :D,ilike your avatar too dude. didu u stick it back, ididnt like the other ones you had.

I liked both your old and new avatar. You also had another avatar that started on your old avatar and faded to your new one i think

that was when I was changing avatars

[genius really]

[lie]yes z3r0 d your a pure genius [/lie]
joking, what was that other avatar you had?

didn’t you see it up there?

or, do you mean prior to that one?

that was when I was changing avatars

[genius really][/quote]
yeah, it was cool…

Funny thing is when people change their avatars here others almost seem to pick them up, or different frames of them. Z3ro’s sheep avatar was used by someone else, and I think it was limmy who had the matrix character, now used by someone else.

erm z3r0 d, sorrycan’t remember why i wrote that :frowning: . do u like mine? i made it myelf :d.

I had completely forgotten about that one

mine and the other one were not exactly the same though, but at the moment how so escapes me.

animated avatars distract me [I usually have gif animation turned off at home]

and, honestly, I dont’ really have anything more to say. I don’t know if I like it or not…

what? I never had a matrix avatar… %| :wink:

what? I never had a matrix avatar… %| ;)[/quote]
i think he ment R2blend (if i remember correct)

yep r2blend had the avatar.

z3r0 d: i dont like avatars well, i like em but i dont bother with them, i was testing to see if is workd, cause i have an animated background :P. i just aint had time to remove it.

Lemmy? No I said Limmy. Just kidding I thought it was you but maybe Poobah? I will stop now, sorry.