z3r0_d's "Blended Reality: Char Game model " entry

I’m out of space on my other host, and don’t like netscape so you will have to copy/paste the url

2230 triangles, probably will be reduced but not to much under 2200 if I even get that far

very slick. is there a poly limit?

wow that is very cool

it wasn’t clear to me

seems it would be 3000 triangles though

uvmapping as done as it is going to get until I decide to add more details
[which I leave it to the viewer to find]

copy/paste as usual

uvmapped with two 512x512 textures, the darker and lighter one.

painting this is gonna be a bit painful… oh well

looks like you did a pretty nice job of setting up the coords.


[copy/paste as usual]

I hope to be done in 2 hours so as to not give myself an advantage for working longer than a week on it

a lot still remains untextured.

the parts with the wire on them are on another texture sheet

textures in this pic are 1024x1024 psd files, and a 256x256 reflection map for windows and lights

although it is really tempting to only use photoshop filters to make noise and stuff it is very apparent that things are a lot more realistic if I paint them. even if it is just a few broad strokes.

the feet were painted a lot and turned out pretty well
[the body was painted entirely, it sure was hard to get rid of some of those seams…]

20 more minutes for my deadline
[i wish I could simply move the thread to finnished projects…]


need to:
join the two halves
make seams
make some better poses, possibly a quick & dirty animation

also, probably an environment should be good

oh, and if you ask about the white on the arms, it is carpet because that side is where the center console/transmission is when folded up