Z7 Roadster Commercial


Well, the modeling, animation, rendering all look fantastic! Good job on that score.

The big letdown is the compression. It’s awful. It ruins what looks like a very nice animation. My advice, use vimeo.com instead of youtube, render it out at 1280x720p, then let everyone see the animation in all it’s high def glory.


Where can I buy me one of these!

looks good.

sweet :smiley:
did you do it all in blender or did you use shake / after effects along your pipeline?

Hey thanks for the comments. I used blender to do everything besides putting it together.
I did that in after effects

so what did your system of modelling this look like (eg: what steps did it take to complete this friggin’ sweet car? )
please do tell :slight_smile: - if I were wanting to make something like this, where would I begin ?
your commercial looks awesome :smiley: keep up the good work!