This character is supposed to be some kind of a creature. I wanted to avoid making yet another thing with claws so I gave him big giant toenails instead, heh. I started this as a sculpture in 3D Coat 3, retopologized it, and worked on it in Silo. After a long period of no progress, I decided to become a Blender-head again, and moved this work over to Blender from Silo, and continued on from there.


the sculpting is mind blowing, topology looks great
amazing character! it reminds me of the creature in your avatar :slight_smile:
what are your plans for this guy?

Thanks Jeepster! I’m not totally sure yet, but I’d like to avoid making it look like something from Avatar. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll need to do some concept drawings to figure this out.

I drew a concept sketch of the character in clothing. Full body sketch to come soon.

I’d like eventually do a lip sync animation with this character, though I’m not sure yet what exactly he should say… I guess that depends on his personality.


I came up with a different idea for this character, I just haven’t drawn it yet. Here is some more work, I’ve modeled the teeth and inner mouth as well as slightly improved the face.


Great work. It reminds me of the short film ‘Arc’

nice use of the retopology tool, the modeling is really great :rolleyes:
did u make the body as well? some wires?
keep it up

You mean this?

Though I saw it before starting this, I didn’t mean to make something similar.

Yeah I modeled it all. Though I had a good start with retopology, there was still plenty of regular old fashioned subdivision modeling to do. Here’s a wireframe.


I’ve made some improvements. The nose looks more natural now, rather than stylized and boxy. I’ve improved the legs, neck, and posture a bit. I’m satisfied with the structure of the model so far, and I’ll move on to eyes, clothes, and textures.

The character isn’t going to be naked for long :p, and I’m planning on some very short animation tests when I finish with everything else.


I think that’s an excellent character you’ve made there, as for the personality, I’d say he seems like a pioneer of 19th century exploration ship, strong, wise and ever so slightly mysterious or am I reading too much into this? lol great all the same

Thanks! I wasn’t sure at first, but your idea is pretty good. So, the character is like an alien version of Sinbad, from outer space. Granted that’s not particularly 18th century…

The trouble now is designing the clothing. I will take leads from Star Trek’s Kahn, and of course Sinbad, while avoiding going overboard with cliche middle eastern clothing (he probably won’t have a turban).

Because of the structure of his legs, the hardest part will be designing the pants, and how to make a pair of pants that fits the theme but doesn’t look weird.

Nice to see you in Blender again (and with the mention of Silo I would think you would instantly get a Bmesh branch build to see if that’s usable for you in modeling in Blender):yes:

The sculpting and modeling both look good, even if it seems a bit similar to your other creatures (though he’d be a nice companion to the one that you have as an avatar)

Howi! Long time no see, hope all is well.

I’m glad to see you’re still working on your fantastic creatures and always improving on your capabilities.

Love the model, and the concept you have going for him - sounds like the real adventure type.

The only criticism I have is the his abs look a little short vertically.

Keep up the good work.