ZAIGAM!! is a top-down shooter in the spirit of Gradius, R-Type, Axelay, Raiden, Gradius 2(lifeforce), Time Pilot, Aleste, Polaris, Sinistar, River Raid, and… well… just about every other game that had a jet in it before 1992. Arrow keys control the ship. CTRL fires the gun and plasma shields twice.
The Windows exe is here:
The over-packed .blend file is here:
That’s a Blender 2.42 file, by the way. I wouldn’t advise opening it in another version, unless all you want to do is steal my cool textures. But I might sue you if I see my work in a big-name successful game without a royalty check to go with it. It’s a calculated risk.
If you actually DO download and play the game, you’ll notice an incongruous wasp creature that appears in the first few seconds and tries to hump you. This is the result of my inability to append levels properly. If you look at the packed .blend file, you’ll notice a gordian knot of redundant datablocks. I just created “waspy” yesterday, along with his incredibly ugly friends in the second visibility layer, and had to append him to the file to test him out. But once you pack the textures, you’ve made a copy of said textures, and if you’re not careful, that stuff can multiply exponentially on your unsuspecting ass. I believe there are several duplicates of the Death Star base plating (Dstar1.003?) represented in the final output of the all encompassing “PACK DATA!” command that I use with such abandon. Also, the Bonus Blimps have some serious scaling issues, but I’ve almost solved that.
You might also notice that there’s no Python, it’s all logic bricks. I don’t speak Python. Ironically, neither do actual pythons. They mostly just hiss.
Sorry about all the flowery language, I’ve been reading a lot of Neal Stephenson recently.