Zbrush 3.1 demo released


If you have never tried the new Zbrush 3.1, you are in for a treat!!

Pixologic released a 30 day demo for you to download and try.


This software works best with a Tablet , but is still fun with just a mouse.

Check out the real time shadows!!! as you model, and sculpt, you get to see nice shadows with soft falloffs!

It also features a real time Cavity shader… AWESOME for seeing bumps and dents while sculpting!!

I would give almost anything for Realtime shadows and a cavity shader in blender!

Zbrush has a bit of an odd interface at first, just give it a little time and you will grow to love it!
anyways… have fun!

just like blender! hehe… :smiley:

I’d really like to try this :frowning:

Anyone got it working with wine? I’ve got vcomp.dll (not sure if it’s dodgy though) and it’s not working.


I’ve got a love/hate-relationship with ZBrush.
Gave it quite some time, and I still hate it.

But I love the features… :ba:

finally, i’ve been waiting for ever for a demo to try zbrush out. All of the older versions linked to pixelogics page for downloading it, which was gone. This is awesome, thanks for bringing this up

Thanks for the link…:RocknRoll:

I was going to check this out, but the installation documentation is 71 mbs, which is over twice the size of the program installer itself. Could someone who has seen the installation docs brief me on what they contain? 71mbs is kind of huge for dial-up, which is what I’m on…thanks in advance.

Thanks for the link. It took long enough of them o_õ.