[Zbrush] A few questions about when to create UVs

Hey, sorry for another thread, I just wanted to clarify some things about UVs and transpose master within the whole pipeline…

I’ve created a full character using dynamesh, used zremesher for clean topo at 63k polys (pic) and will now subdivide and work on detailing areas and then adding skin textures etc. I would like to use the transpose master to pose the character also. My question is, when do I make UV’s? Is it before I do any detail work, as in make the UVs on the new zremeshed base?

If I want to use transpose master, do I do that before or after the character has been detailed (what if major deformation occurs?)? Also once I’ve created my UV’s and detailed the sculpt, do I project my hi res details back onto the low res mesh (via duplicating it)?

Sorry for the questions, theres a lot of information out there but I’m still a bit hazzy on some of the ‘when to do’s’ of character creation.

This tutorial quickly explains what I’m after on page 2 with regards to when to detail/when to transpose/when to UV but I just wanted some clarification on some of the steps - https://www.3dtotal.com/tutorial/179...natomy?page=1.

Sorry again for the multiple questions and many thanks to anyone who can offer a bit of advice to this struggling soul