Zbrush Orb Brush pack for Blender 3D

I noticed the textures are PSD, I wonder if Blender will load them quicker if they are PNGs or some other image format? Anyone know?

Thanks for the share !

Hi, I love these brushes, thank you for making this!

Just one problem, I followed the installation instructions exactly (except for using the 2.79 folder instead of 2.78) and I saved startup file. When I close and open Blender, they’re not showing up though :S Any ideas?

I’ll definitely give these a try.

me the same as carlwh123…they disappear when I create a new file…Using with 2.78 it works fine

Yeah, I had this problem too. The fix is, when appending the brushes, tick the little box that says “Fake User” in the bottom left tool menu seen here https://imgur.com/fEHR5rT

You will still need to do File->Save Startup File for Blender to keep your settings on the next go round.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for these brushes, they are very useful.

I’m posting this because I was randomly watching a zbrush video by some Blizzard artists and the guy that made this set gave a little talk about his workflow. I thought it might be of interest to anyone using these brushes or wanting to learn a few tips (it’s all ZBrush, but you can apply some techniques universally, I guess).

thanks for that! i love theses brushes on zbrush


I tried to install this brush set but it seem’s that anchored brushes are not compatible with dyntopo.

Do you have a solution to solve this problem ? :slight_smile:

This brushes are made for traditional “quad” workflow, they will work with dyntopo, but because of dyntopo features they will be slow.


I mean it’s not these specific brush that don’t work, it’s anchored stroke the problem : I did some research and in Dyntopo mode, anchored brushes don’t update topology, maybe because anchored mode can’t manage triangles. I hope a fix by or an update about that^^

I believe this is limitations of dyntopo. I can not do anything about it. Dynamic topology seems to have lack of anchor support, probably need to test it a little bit more.

Actually, it is an outdated brushpack. I need to reorganize some things in it and recreate some brushes, probably I even can add my personal brushes to this setup. But, I don’t have time for that because I am working on some big project and for me, this pack is working nice so far (but I accept that it need some changes). Maybe with the release of 2.8 I will be retouching my traditional workflow and renew this brushpack.


hey this is pretty awesome, thank you! anyone tried it out in Blender 2.8 ?