Zbrush power!!!

This model was all created in Zbrush. The only bad thing about it is that Zbrush have a ‘‘not perfect render’’ otherwise is a great modeler. this model is not finnish. I just felt to show how it’s looks so far.

i’d love to learn ZBRUSH!
it looks excellent for organic modeling.

awesome start!

looks great! zbursh is really cool, but it lacks in exporting power…it cant export to any 3d progs, and so, booooo…::deletes zbrush::

I agree, it’s very easy to make cool pics with, but it’s no fun if I can’t combine it with blender :wink:

What do you all mean??? It can export models to 3d programs!!! Just export the tool in a OBJ format then use the OBJ to blend plugin!! It’s not harder than that.

pretty cool. i heard the renderer was pretty bad on that, and the antialiasing (or lake thereof) was crap

The renderer is actually incredible when you consider that it’s realtime. Apparently 1.5 will have an even better renderer, though, with GI (don’t ask me how they’ll implement it). And, apparently, zSpheres (another 1.5 features) are going to revolutionize the way we build models.

I’ll have to give that *.obj to *.blend plug-in a try sometime.

I thought the name Hookflash looked familiar. :slight_smile:

As to the above statement about anti-aliasing in ZBrush you want to press the “Color Adjustments” button in the render pallette and have the Super Sample value set to 1 or greater.