Zbrush power!!

(deks) #1

I was really happy about the texture. It turned out god. Comments please. :wink:


(Jolly Gnome) #2

Well, I don’t know jack-shit about ZBrush, but IMNSHO the texture isn’t that good… :confused:

(deks) #3

Well not for you mayby but i’m sucks on textures. Sorry if a was to ‘‘self-confident’’. And can you explain what IMNSHO means?

(IanC) #4

I think it stands for “in my not so humbel opinion”

(Jolly Gnome) #5

sorry for a bit hostile reply… it wasn’t meant to be that way :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, what’s wrong with the texture/material is that it’s WAY too glowing

(deks) #6

oh… No actually it was meant to be!!! I wanted a glow-like effect. I mayby should say that before. Well if i haven’t know that it was meant to be i would say that it was to bright to… mayby a surounding arua would mayby make that glow feeling.

(blengine) #7

very nice! ive treid zbrush before, its a very cool program!.. i dont like the glow of the red veins though, but the horns are fantastic looking =)