Zbrush Project Details?

Hey guys, i was just wondering, if i export a subtool zremeshed with projected detail, and then import it in Blender, will it have the same number of Polygons as the Zremeshed? or will it have a million polygons as the original sculpt?

Exported ZBrush subtools will have the amount of polygons indicated in ZBrush. If you use ZRemesher first, then do a Project All, the subtool will have the topology created by ZRemesher.

If you export your original subtool (the one you projected onto the ZRemeshed subtool), then that subtool will have the original polygon count when imported into Blender.

Does that mean, when i import the ZRemeshed with Project All into blender , it will loose the details?

Only if your ZRemeshed and reprojected mesh has already lost the details as a subtool in ZBrush.

If you want to maintain details and still have a lower polygon count, use zPlugins ➔ Decimation Master on the original subtool. It’s also got options to maintain Polypaint if you want to have vertex colors in Blender.