[ Zbrush SSC - Gazella ] - [ 40 Minutes ]



SMC’sshould be banned
hey are nothing more than a waste of time
when was the last time there was something quality?
this needs a rethink

I have done these before, and they are not a waste of time. They really test your skills to model effectively and quickly. Try it before you knock it. I am glad SMC’s are still around.

I meant in the sense that it doesn’t contribute to the community.
something like a monthly or quaterly contest would inject so much more quality
these can exist together then, but seeing how this site is going…

thats a pretty strong oopinion XD and you’re basing it on our channel’s slow season :stuck_out_tongue: smcing is about skill, its about technique, ideas, and inspiration.

What do you mean by doesnt contribute to the community? smcing was a fundamental learning point for me, and i just love it, so am i excluded from the community?

thats the only season we have :stuck_out_tongue:

We are doing a lot of sdc at the minute. and this is a 3d forum…

It’s entirely the people of the community who are running this. So that statement has no ground to stand on.

If you haven’t got me yet,I mean to say:

  1. other than take up space on the forum, this does nothing but provide kids with a recreation.

  2. whats the point of having an SMC which results in a paraplegic deer and a frogish head which even the creator can’t put to use?

  3. if these were replaced with proper (monthly or maybe quarterly) competitions, wouldnt that contribute to the community? maybe some stuff will even go to the gallery like bwc entries,f1 comp entries.

Don’t think i’m against the very idea of an SMC.
SMCs would have been feasible had all been well with this site.

there are competitions with longer time limits, this is not meant to be one of them.

you don’t seem to get it…the goal isn’t to make gallery-quality images. SMCs are for improving modeling skill and speed, and is open to anyone who wants in on that.

this isn’t the best example of an smc, but if you’d look back at other smcs done before, it does show what blender can do in a couple of minutes.
a handful entries are shown in this video: http://vimeo.com/11177923 , but there are plenty more good ones

and having done over 200 smcs myself, i can easily say that i’ve put my smc models to other use many times.

smc’s are not a waste of time…

aside from that, maybe it does just provide recreation…but at least we’re more productive than the off-topic section (yet here we are at the bottom of the list of subforums)