Zbrush Theme for 2.7x and 2.8

Again I’ve tried to do that but the tabs, specifically the active tab of the N panel and the active tab of the Properties panel. I can certainly change the active tabs to orange but the icons (and text) but when it’s orange the active tabs have a set colour and, from what I’ve gathered, can only remain one. Maybe I’m missing something but it doesn’t seem possible. All the region text is unified, sorry. :frowning:

Hence my choice of a lighter grey instead. i know, it doesn’t entirely correspond to Zbrush’s colours, but readability is more important than authenticity. Hope you understand guys. :slight_smile:

About that Outliner text, Active Object seems to be the right setting:



However, as the name says this is just the color for the text of the active object, once the active object is not highlighted any more in the outliner it looks like this:


So there’s really no proper solution here unfortunately… shadows could help, maybe. It’s hard to get bright accent colors into a dark Blender.

Edit: shadows don’t seem to be working at all in the outliner. That’s sad. As a compromise, I’d just set the highlight color to something darker there.

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It is unfortunate. Maybe Blender will get an update for more customisability? I sure hope so; I’d update my theme if that were the case. :slight_smile:

As you guys know my laptop screen resolution is large, which explains some of the issues encountered with text sizes, outline thickness, and so on. I’ll need to update the themes to better suit smaller screens.

I love the theme. Thanks.
I have added another one Matcap from ZBrush. Basic Material. All my collegues use almost only it. I attached the Matcap.
zb_base.zip (1.4 MB)


Also, I changed some parameters for text, verts size, face transparency.


Hello mifth. Thank you for downloading my theme. I’m glad you like it! I should apologize also for any unusual choices. My screen resolution is high so I had to enlargen some things, but on other people’s screens they might appear huge.

And awesome adjustments!